ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo Review: Reddit Users’ Opinions

The Asus Zenbook Pro Duo is a laptop on another level. Featuring two 4K screens and powerful specs, this laptop is designed to please. Alongside those impressive features is a hefty price that might make you more cautious when going for this pick. As such, you would need the best reviews and recommendations detailing just how well the laptop performs.

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ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo Reviews by Reddit Users

Reddit is the best place to get this from as you get real-life comments on the laptop’s performance, build quality, and features. In this article, we have done the job of curating the best and most active comments from Reddit users that have bought, used, and can tell you what to expect when you lay your hands on this laptop.

Display and Build Quality

Asus designs are considered timeless and innovative and the ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo looks exactly that way. Featuring an aluminum build, this laptop focuses more on beauty than durability. So you did want to be careful when moving it around. Upon opening the lid, you will find the full-size keyboard moved to the space usually reserved for the palm rest and the touchpad/Num Pad moved to the lower right corner. The top deck of the laptop features a massive second display known as the Asus ScreenPad.

The 15.6-inch main screen features a 3840 x 2160 touch display that delivers lavish colors with crisp detail. The screen is both OLED and 4K which ensures for only vibrant colors and crystal clear images. The ScreenPad is almost the same but has a resolution of 3840 x 1100. It is also not OLED and won’t deliver the same impressive display as the main screen


The Pro features a 720p webcam that delivers accurate color and maintains sharp details even in low-lighting conditions. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. The integrated array mic works pretty well and would capture your voice to let the assistant perform the required task. Unfortunately, you would have to download the Alexa app from the windows store to get it to work. It would have been better if it worked out of the box.

Both displays offer touch capability but you won’t have to use your fingers for this one, Asus offers a pen. The Asus Pen is made of slate-gray aluminum and does a good job of imitating the writing experience. The writing is way better and smoother on the ScreenPad Plus. Depending on use, the Pen will last up to 10 hours.

Battery Life

The battery life is a big concern for every laptop user and when you have a laptop with 4K OLED panels, it does mean that you won’t get all the battery life you would need. The Duo sports a power-consuming GPU and a second 4K panel. This allows for just about 4 hours of runtime when surfing over Wi-Fi.

This won’t be a problem if it were a regular laptop that didn’t cost thousands of dollars but for a premium laptop, it is a big issue. If you’re running very demanding programs, you won’t want to stay too far from the power source.


The ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo isn’t all for pretty lo0oks alone, it also comes with the power to match its specs. The laptop has an overclockable 2.4-GHz Intel Core i9-9980HK processor delivering up to 32GB of RAM. That’s more than enough for handling demanding tasks like video editing and gaming.

The laptop delivers an impressive overall performance allowing you to multitask without having to worry about lags. From tests, you could be running multiplier tasks on Chrome while having YouTube and Twitch on and catching up on the latest episode of Cannon Busters on Netflix.

With an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU with 6GB of VRAM, this laptop should play traditional games and VR titles with no issues. It performed superbly on games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto V being able to achieve 67 fps.

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo – Reddit Positive Reviews

[su_quote cite=”DrGunsMcBadass”]Sweet looking laptop, very unique! Seems like the dual screen would be pretty nice in a laptop for multi tasking or having reference materials up.

How do you find the keyboard? Looks a bit awkward at the front of the case like that, but I’d imagine it’s just a little adjustment period. [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Frick2323″]I have it, the people here who say the ergonomics are bad, are wrong or they sit and do work like they are watching a movie. The keyboard is nice but the place you rest your hand sometimes feels different. [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Deckz”]Now that’s a neat idea, I work in Illustrator and Photoshop and a lot and could really use that area as a way to store panels so they’re not on my primary screen. Too bad I couldn’t get mac os on it, gotta have a terminal. [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”__Morgenstern__”]Magnificent beast!

The bottom screen looks fantastic. How’s the temps with the second screen raised? My laptop heats itself to the point of auto shutdown, so I have to place it with the bottom vents pointing up, and a fan blowing at it. I’m kinda torn between getting a zephyrus duo or desktop for my next upgrade. [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”TylerNT002″]The second display is a godsend. I was really wanting the model with the tilting second display as well but I couldn’t wait that long for it to be released but I do love this one [/su_quote]

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo – Reddit Critical Reviews

[su_quote cite=”TylerNT002″]Yea I really wish they had used a better graphics card but I am very happy with how it performs. I don’t game competitively, just more for fun and to connect with friends [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”The_Placard”]Asus labels this laptop as both gaming and designing, but I feel it’s really not made for gaming due to the config and the « busy » design [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Dunaii4″]I feel like the second screen took too much space to fit in a 2070 or 2080 and an adequate cooling solution, 2060 was a good idea. That said, I can’t see how thick it is. [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”HrabeMi”]Most complaints I heard about the keyboard were that the numpad is hidden in the touchpad, and since it switches back automatically after a while, it gets very annoying to enter numbers [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”BeaversAreTasty”]The screen on the same plane as the keyboard may look cool, but ergonomically speaking it is a pain in the neck and not very useful. It is not that hard to create a multi-screen laptop with displays that hinge on either side of the central screen. [/su_quote]