Best Bluetooth Speakers: Reddit Top Picks (2024)

Bluetooth speakers are for keeps. They are a wonderful companion if you must listen to or mix music on the go. But not everyone has been lucky with purchasing one.

Thousands of Reddit users seem particularly knowledgeable about Bluetooth speakers. They understand the portability, battery life, aux-input, smart assistant feature, and of course, affordability. So you can always rely on the Reddit Top Picks for Best Bluetooth Speakers if you can really dig in.

But considering there are millions of active Reddit users constantly analyzing the various features of emerging Bluetooth speakers, drilling down to the best brand might be difficult. Our editors have however done the hard job for you – reviewing and analyzing each brand’s features to make the best product recommendations. Our specialist reviewers also waded through thousands of user experiences and reviews on Reddit to provide you a distilled overview of the best Bluetooth speakers.

So sit back and let’s consider the best Bluetooth speakers based on thousands of Reddit users’ testimonies:

Best Bluetooth Speakers 1. Bose SoundLink Mini 2

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The Bose SoundLink Mini II Special Edition is a fave with most Reddit users. Long-term SoundLink Mini 2 users on Reddit testify that the wireless Bluetooth speaker has a big and deep bass sound. It can take calls with its in-built microphone feature and it has a USB-C charging port. The special edition brand also comes in Luxe Silver and Triple Black colors.

It’s sleeker with its durable and ultra-compact aluminum casing and weighs only 1.5 pounds. Its battery lasts longer at 20% more than the SoundLink Mini which stands at 12 hours max. It works perfectly with Siri and Google Assistant when connected to Bluetooth, and it has a wireless range of 30 feet (9 meters). This device measures 2.1 x 7.1 x 2.3.

If you like this wireless Bluetooth speaker, here are more reasons to get it:

  • Battery lasts for 12 hours
  • Siri and Google voice assistants
  • Voice-activated system (VAS)
  • Speakerphone
  • Bluetooth connectivity with a range of 30 feet
  • The loud and deep bass sound
  • Remembers 8 last connected devices
  • 5mm auxiliary USB-C to USB-A cable

Reddit users’ experiences with the Bose SoundLink Mini II Special Edition

Quake9797: I still have one too. Can’t believe the battery still lasts.

ToiletSenpai: Came here to say the same. I charge it once per year , but the battery still lasts for full 8 hours when I charge it!

Marky229: I still have mine (black) which I use as my desktop computer speaker. Still sounds great with no issues.

Rbrussell82: Unfortunately the charger of mine broke. I tried the dock too and it wouldn’t charge.

Nos: Last time I got mine repaired for free. I told them I was gonna throw it away since I can’t afford to repair it or something along those lines; and the lady was like, oh no let me see what I can do, pretty nice of them lol.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 2. Soundcore Motion+

Best bluetooth speakers reddit 2
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If you want high-resolution audio power, then you might consider obtaining the Soundcore Motion+ wireless Bluetooth speaker. Hundreds of Reddit users testify that Soundcore Motion+ produces enhanced sound dispersion that is second-to-none if you truly require a front-row sound experience.

Manufactured by Anker, the Motion+ speaker is packed with high-frequency tweeters, neodymium woofers, and 30W of rich sounds from passive radiators. This device weighs 2.31 pounds and measures 10.1 x 3.1 x 3.2 inches. It must be noted that this speaker is not so compact or portable, and its price differs based on the color.

If you like this wireless Bluetooth speaker, here’s more reasons to get it:

  • BassUp technology to enrich and intensify bass sounds
  • Customizable and pre-set EQ modes
  • Extended battery life at 12 hours playtime
  • IPX7 waterproof protection against spills and rainfall
  • Wireless stereo pairing
  • USB-C connectivity for faster charging

Reddit users’ experiences with the Anker Soundcore Motion+

MyAssAblaze: While this is smaller, I think it’s actually less portable because there’s no handle and is shape is more inconvenient. That said, I find it sounds noticably better than the Boom and it gets louder, so this would be my choice.

VonDinky: Anker Soundcore Motion Boom. Look some videos on YouTube, it’s really good. Bought it for a friend. Big sound from such a small speaker. We use Alan Ross EQ, which gives much deeper bass. And the EQ is even saved on the unit if someone else connects to it, it still used that EQ. Soundcore has their own app for this which you can download. Oh and big battery and you can charge your phone from it. And it’s water proof.

Tijgooo: Yeah i know it doenst have the sick tweeters but i heard that with the Alan Ross EQ its more equal to the Motion Plus. I really dont know if i want to buy the Motion+ or Motion Boom. I like the 24hr playtime from the Boom and the radiators on the side. I also think the design of the Motion Plus is much better but i dont care that much. Really annoying that i can’t test them and need to believe the reviews lmao.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 3. JBL Party Box 100

Best bluetooth speakers reddit 3
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If you plan to hold a backyard party with lots of friends in attendance, then you might want to use the JBL Party Box 100 according to Reddit users. Existing owners of the JBL Party Box 100 said the music machine ignites your night with selectable lights to set the mood. They also testify that the device enables you to mix music and microphone and guitar inputs if you are so inclined.

The battery of the JBL Party Box 100 lasts for 14 hours on a single charge, and the immersive sounds from the mountable machine fills your room or backyard with a dynamic party boom. You can make a playlist from your inserted USB stick or stream desired songs from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. It weighs 9.7 kg (21.4 lbs) and measures 29 x 28.8 x 55.1 cm (11.4 x 11.3 x 21.7 inches).

If you like this wireless Bluetooth speaker, here’s more reasons to get it:

  • 160 watts of pounding JBL signature sound
  • Plug-in-and-play with guitar and mic
  • Stream music from Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Impressive lightshow to light up your night party

Reddit users’ experiences with the JBL Party Box 100

Mrdoom: Partybox has the beats. Outdoors the bass from small speakers just evaporates, “go big or go home”. One big plus for the Partybox is the ability to mount it to speakerstands and aim the tweeters at people’s heads like a pro. It also has the orange JBL sticker clients recognize. The Partybox may seem somewhat large but is a fraction of the size of true PA speaker setup.

Luisgusting: If this is for backyard DJ duty get the JBL partybox100. I will consider it then, I might simply get a very small portable speaker and try the Partybox for power. Thank you for the insight!

Reddit and Quora users however state that the JBL Party Box 100 is not portable or small enough to be moved around or taken on a trip. So consider this before placing an order for it.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 4. Minirig 3

Best bluetooth speakers reddit 4
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The new Minirig 3 Bluetooth rechargeable speaker appears to have won the hearts of thousands of users on Quora and Reddit. Current users speak highly of the Bluetooth speaker and even share their experiences using the device in different situations. It might be helpful to potential users to consider the opinions and recommendations of Minirig 3 users with a view to making an informed buying decision.

The Minirig 3 Bluetooth speaker comes with an audio cable, charger cable, case, and packs a heavy bass. It has a durable battery that lasts an unbelievable 100 hours – and needless to say that it supports fast charging. Manufactured in the UK, the wireless speaker sports a dedicated smartphone app and works with a 5-band equalizer. It weighs 550g and has a dimension of 101.6 x 73 mm.

If you like this wireless Bluetooth speaker, here’s more reasons to get it:

  • Weatherproof and splash resistant
  • Compatible with iOS and Android apps
  • Bluetooth range of 30 meters
  • Battery lasts 100 hours
  • Anodized aluminum casing
  • 40 watts amplifier

Reddit users’ experiences with the Minirig 3

Phtgrphr135: Stereo pair of minirig 3. The sound quality of each one is superb and when paired into stereo there is no comparison to any mono system. They have loads of other features as well! I really love mine.

Buffalo-Billl: The Minirig 3 is incredible. Had mine for a month of daily usage and the clarity still amazes me. The one potential knock is a lack of room-shaking bass, but that’s understandable for being the same size as a can of cashews. I just ordered the subwoofer and cannot wait to hear them in tandem. Either a second 3 or the mini will probably be soon to follow if the woofer delivers.

Best Bluetooth Speakers 5. JBL Xtreme 3

Best bluetooth speakers reddit 5
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If you have never used or heard of the JBL Xtreme 3 wireless Bluetooth speaker, it is because you are not on Reddit or Quora and other online tech communities. This music device is suitable for outdoor parties and beach music activities. It is fully water-resistant and comes with a strap to make portability easier.

The JBL Xtreme 3 weighs 1.97kg (4.34 lbs) and measures 29.85 x 13.59 x 13.41 cm (11.75 x 5.35 x 5.28 inches). It comes with a Li-ion 36.3Wh battery which lasts for 15 hours of continuous playtime. It can even serve as a power bank and connects wirelessly with two tablets or smartphones for endless music.

If you like this wireless Bluetooth speaker, here’s more reasons to get it:

  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • 15 hours of playtime
  • PartyBoost technology
  • IPX7 water-resistant and dust-proof
  • Powerbank feature
  • Simultaneous connection with compatible devices

Reddit users’ experiences with the JBL Xtreme 3

Tilpr1090: This music box meets my needs and that of my family. It is possible and suitable for trips. I’m thinking of getting one or two for my aged parents. And it will be a delight teaching them how to use it to listen to their old treasured songs.

Gamepwrfunk: We held a small outdoor party and it began to drizzle. I got scared for my xtreme 3 but friends told me not to worry. I’m glad my music device is water-resistant and very loud for moderate use.

FAQs: Best Bluetooth Speakers

Which is best Bluetooth speaker?

Determining the absolute best Bluetooth speaker is subjective and depends on individual preferences, needs, and budget. However, some highly regarded Bluetooth speakers known for their outstanding sound quality, portability, and features include the JBL Charge 4, Ultimate Ears Boom 3, and Bose SoundLink Revolve+. It is recommended to consider your specific requirements and read reviews to find the Bluetooth speaker that best suits your audio preferences and lifestyle.

What’s better Bose or JBL?

Both Bose and JBL are well-known and reputable brands that offer high-quality audio products. The choice between Bose and JBL ultimately depends on individual preferences, as they have different sound signatures and product lines. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eSome may prefer the warmer and more balanced sound of Bose, while others may prefer the more vibrant and bass-heavy sound signature of JBL. It’s best to listen to both brands’ speakers and headphones to determine which one aligns better with your personal audio preferences.

Are Sonos speakers good quality?

Yes, Sonos speakers are known for their good quality and impressive sound performance. They are well-regarded for their excellent audio reproduction, seamless wireless connectivity, and the ability to integrate into a multi-room audio setup, making them a popular choice among audiophiles and music enthusiasts.

Which speaker is best for home?

The best speaker for a home depends on individual preferences, room size, and budget. Popular options for home use include Sonos One, Bose Home Speaker 500, and Harman Kardon Citation series, which offer high-quality audio and smart features for a seamless home entertainment experience. It’s essential to consider factors like sound quality, connectivity options, and smart capabilities to find the speaker that best suits your home audio needs.

Conclusion: Best Bluetooth Speakers

In conclusion, the world of Bluetooth speakers offers a diverse range of options catering to various needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize portability, sound quality, or rugged durability, the best Bluetooth speakers can be your ideal audio companion for any occasion.

From compact travel speakers to feature-rich party speakers, finding the perfect match to elevate your music experience is now easier than ever, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes with impressive sound and wireless convenience wherever you go.

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