Best Steak Knives – Consumer Reports (2023)

If you want to make your dinner exceptional, you need the right cutting boards, good sheet pans, and of course, an ideal set of knives. A cook’s worst nightmare is having to make use of a dull knife.

When you cut through meat with brute force, you not only risk injuring yourself, you could also lose flavorful juices as you force your way through.  And this is true for chef’s knives and dining utensils. The better your steak knife is, the better your dining experience with your guests will be.

best steak knives consumer reports

Best Steak Knives (Consumer Reports, 2023)

Having these in mind, here are the best steak knives you can get on the market today.

1. Wüsthof Classic 4-Piece Steak Knife Set


This piece has thrived in the cutlery industry for 200 years. It is not only classy, it’s also affordable.  This classic line of laser-cut blades is made from high-carbon stainless steel. There is no need for serrations because of its sharpness.

The Solingen name on its side and the four 4.5 inch German blades show its high level of acceptance. The classic triple-riveted handle is a full tang. Its grip is quite comfortable when cutting through steak, pork chops, or hard meat.

Those who bought it admitted that this set makes cutting easy peasy. One buyer said he tried using different brands of steak knives with serrated blades, but wasn’t satisfied with the end results. Instead of cutting the meat, the knives shredded it.

This prompted him to check out affordable brands of Wusthof. The knives cut beautifully in contrast to everything he tried. They are exceptional. They glide through the meat and their edges hold well, he said.

Interestingly, the full bolster safeguards your hand while slicing and its handle is designed from a highly durable material that makes it resistant to fading and stain. Just like every other premium kitchen knife, handwashing is recommended for this piece to last long and remain in good condition.

Another satisfied buyer noted that its high price is worth the investment. She said she had second thoughts about the price at first. But then she remembered the issues she was having with her current steak knives. They didn’t have the quality and craftsmanship the Wusthof had. The balance and heft are great, the blades are sharp. You’ll have great value for your money, she said.

2. Cuisinart Triple Rivet 6-Piece Set


These steak knives are quite affordable.  According to reviewers, they easily compete with other excellent choices. However, they are not as strong as higher-end tools. If taken care of properly, home cooks will enjoy and get the best results from using these knives.

For a serrated-edge knife, Cuisinart’s triple-rivet collection has a high-carbon stainless steel blade with a standard 4.5-inch length. It’s one of Amazon’s best-selling steak knife sets. This steak costs $15, and shoppers are happy they got good value for their money. Little wonder over 2000 customers gave the set a five-star rating.

They are quite sharp, strong, and lightweight. It’s amazing that these steaks don’t cost much. The tang is awesome; it shows the standard of cuisine art. That’s what a shopper said about it. They said they got the knives because they match the Wusthof classic knives perfectly. They are as hefty and balanced and only cost a fraction of it.

3. Victorinox Swiss Army 8 Piece Set


This weightless and luxurious set from Victorinox has impressive feedback with thousands of five-star ratings. The serrated stainless steel blades and texture handle allow for easy gripping and cutting. They can handle the dishwasher in a jiffy.

Some buyers attested to how effective and reliable these knives have proven to be over time. One customer used it for more than 10 years before switching to an attractive choice, only to find themselves using a new set of these knives months later. Other home cooks cherish the durability of this affordable set.

Another customer used this set for five years and they remain pretty sharp just like the new ones she got recently. They’re comfy, compact, and really priced well for the quality.

4. Messermeister Avanta 4- Piece Set


If you’re looking to get a perfect straight-edge knife, then the Messermeister Avanta set is your best bet. It keeps up the pace with premium knives. It’s a full piece with top-notch quality.

The German steel can withstand rust and corrosion. It also holds up well to sharpening when needed. Its ratings are almost perfect on Amazon. It has the best reviews in terms of price and features.

Someone who bought it said they prefer the affordable steak knives even though they own high-end kitchen knives. Others said they have used the steak knives for almost five years. “I wanted something I didn’t have to cringe whenever a guest scraped a plate,” they wrote.

The set ‘fit the bill’ for their needs and are generally decent forged German steel. It’s quite heavy but not too big. They loved it when they got it newly and still love it.

5. Henckels 8-Piece Steak Knife Set


This full-size quality brand Henckel set has over 2,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Buyers refer to it as the “higher level of steak knives.” This is because the large serrations handle cuts through any food without stress. And the triple-rivet handles guarantee a sturdy hold in the long run.

Henckels steak knives are a go-to option for home cooks who are interested in getting firm and durable steaks without having to break the bank. They come with a lifetime warranty.

Apart from the fact that these knives cut better and don’t need sharpening, they also hold well over time. Basically, the classic J.A. Henckels’ style with the full-length single piece of steel is made to last. It has micro-serrated edges which make it quite different from other steak knives. It cuts smoothly rather than tearing meats like some other low-cost knives.

Reviewers said in spite of the fact that these steaks have been through the dishwasher cycle a couple of times, their performance remains great.

6. Henckels 8-Piece Stainless Steel Set


The serrated edges of these knives don’t need sharpening. Home cooks refer to it as “the best tomato knife.” The stainless steel handles look sleek for table settings. You can conveniently keep it in your utensils drawer.

One shopper said they have been using four of these knives for several years and they still look brand new. According to them, these stainless pieces are the best knives they’ve ever owned and they serve more than one purpose. They have no plan to change them anytime soon.

The versatility of this set was admired by another reviewer. They said the knives are fantastic, easy to hold, lightweight, and sharp even after being cleaned in water several times.

However, putting them in dishwater regularly is not advisable. It will only make the blades rust, but it’s avoidable if you dry them immediately.

7. Trudeau, Laguiole en Aubrac


If you’re on the lookout for the best steak knives, consider Laguiole steak knives. It’s in the top 10% when it comes to results. The name refers to a small village in France where the Laguiole style was first produced. This piece is well known for its exquisite quality. It’s the perfect steak knife for home cooks. The name doesn’t have any significant brand therefore they can be made anywhere.

The high end is usually labeled as Laguiole En Aubrac (4-piece cost $400) which makes its style traditional. It includes olivewood handles and a straight blade.

Laguiole styles are affordable and often serrated.  The affordable version of this piece was labeled by Jean Dubost. It has a classic triple-riveted handle and a classic blade shape. The Trudeau brand and Hailingshan knives are motivated by the high-rated traditional knife. They work correctly and are pretty much affordable for their price.

One customer said the Trudeau sets are actually likable but are substandard products. The same goes for other cheap products. There’s a huge difference in the quality, apart from the fact that they come in fancy boxes. The handles are firm, strong, and flawless with consistent quality.

8. Viking Professional


This piece will add rustic interiors to your kitchen table. The serrated edge and stain-resistant handles are full tangs for a balanced hold. The blades are 18/10 German stainless steel and resistant to damaged metal or materials.  It cuts through beef or poultry easily. These knives are of premium quality for a low price.

Having searched for high-quality steak knives without any success, a buyer was delighted to have come across this steak knife. They said it’s a hefty, well-balanced, and superb stainless steel blade. The quality is top-notch for its price. They also said that their search is over because they found it and added that they’ll start giving it out as presents.

9. Wüsthof Ikon


Opting for the Wusthof Ikon means that you’re taking a step or two up from the Wusthof Classic. It is a balanced, appealing steak knife set that is honed from a single piece of high carbon steel. The entire length of the blade can be sharpened. Users are advised to avoid glasses or ceramic cutting boards with them because of how sharp these knives are.

These precision cutting knives were finished in Germany and the firm is owned by the seventh generation of Wusthof Ikon. They have the highest quality from tang to bolster blades.

One buyer was excited about the upgrade, saying it was everything she wanted. According to her, the classic knives were good for everyday meals. With constant honing, they are scary sharp. She was a bit anxious before getting the knife because she didn’t want to spend lavishly. However, she got great value for her money in the end. The handles are smooth, pleasant, and sophisticated. They painlessly did justice to the papery thin slices of cooked meat.

10. Shun Premier 4-Piece Steak Knife Set


This piece is exceptional for sharpness and edge retention. It is covered in 32 layers of high carbon stainless steel for Damascus-style firmness and stability.

The shape forged on the blade lessens drag when you’re using it to cut. It also gives the knives a nice look on the table. The pakkawood handle decreases friction, provides an ideal grip, and is naturally active against microbes. You can get this set in Shun’s brand new blonde collection.

Home cooks are amazed about the quality this set has to offer. One buyer said they are the best he’s ever used. He said he’d spent a lot of time looking into how to get a good deal of perfect steak knives before he met Shun. The knives are pretty, weightless, and very sharp. They are durable and can be passed on to a new owner and still look new.

11. Zwilling 8-Piece Steak Knife Box


This set comes in a lovely wooden presentation box. It is perfect for gifts. It is made with all-round high-carbon stainless steel with non-amateur grade design and material. The serrated blades are sharper than the traditional knives. The thin handles look pleasing to the eyes on any table setting.

Originally, it cost $1600 but you can get it for less if there’s a sale going on. You can give it as wedding presents, birthday presents and Christmas presents.

12. Cutco Table Knives


This knife set will do justice to slicing steak neatly just as much as spreading butter on bread. The Cutco table knife is well known for its durability. The firm has friendly customer care and after-sales services. Your complaints are quickly attended to and you are even allowed to send or take the knives to them for sharpening anytime you want. These high-carbon steel blades are shorter than the regular steak knife style. They are effective in cutting and slicing all kinds of food.

“It’s user-friendly and convenient, these are the best steak knives I’ve used for years,” one reviewer wrote. He said he loved the fact that it can easily be taken to the factory for sharpening. Getting valuable quality for your money is worthwhile. It should be used with discretion because of its sharpness.

What to Consider when Buying Steak Knives

There are a few things you should put into consideration before you invest in a steak knife. To have an idea of what those are, ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do you usually need steak knives?
  • Do you entertain big events often or eat meat often?
  • Do you have the capacity to hand-wash utensils as frequently as needed?
  • Is there sufficient counter or drawer space in your kitchen?

Your answers will determine what type of blades you should have in your kitchen or on your dining table.

A serrated blade will probably work best for you if you’re on a budget and looking for a sturdy set that doesn’t need regular sharpening. You may also want a Laguiole-style thinner handle or a heavier wooden handle with the classic steakhouse vibe.

A luxury straight-edge upgrade may be a good choice if you use steak knives sparingly or want to have fine cuts of meat. If you’re one to toss things in the dishwasher (this should be generally avoided) then a solid steel set is perfect for you. It will prevent warping and fading on the handles.

The grade of the steel varies from one brand and collection to another. You don’t want your heart to skip a beat when your classic, accessible stainless steel drops on the ground- especially if it’s the highest-carbon steel.