Roku vs. Firestick – Reddit Users’ Opinions

Considered as the most popular streaming devices today – the Roku vs Fire Stick battle rages and with the latest releases from both brands, it would get even tougher to make a pick between both options. They both offer affordable plans and give you access to numerous content on various streaming services including YouTube and Netflix.

roku vs firestick reddit

Roku vs. Firestick – Reddit Users to the Rescue!

Fortunately, making the right pick won’t be too hard thanks to Reddit. Here, you will find actual users of both streaming devices who will give you an insight as to which has the best features and the device with the most affordable yet top-quality content.

In this article, we have collected all the most helpful comments that will help you make a quick decision.


Roku is best for people that don’t want to deal with Amazon ads and being forced to concentrate on Amazon Prime Video. All streaming services on Roku are considered equal and you get to view all of them at your own time without having to worry about Amazon channels being constantly recommended. Also, there is a free, ad-supported streaming service called the Roku Channel that is available out of the box.

If you’re also counting areas that Roku does better than the Amazon Firestick, there is a slightly better search function. This scans more subscription services allowing you to get more defined content. There is also a built-in feature that tracks new shows and movies on services you subscribed to.

The Roku Streaming Stick offers 4K/HDR streaming, however, you won’t get Dolby Vision with this device. There are also other Roku devices with mid-range and high-end features.

Roku offers access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Sling TV, HBO Go/Now, and YouTube as well as the Roku Channel. When it comes to pricing there is no difference between the cheapest Roku player and the cheapest Amazon Firestick.


  • Delivers 4K and HDR support
  • Simple interface
  • Huge app selection
  • Very affordable


  • Doesn’t stream in Dolby Vision
  • Interface looks outdated

Amazon Firestick

Amazon Fire TV comes with the Amazon Video streaming service and the Alexa voice assistant as its defining features. The Alexa voice assistant makes things a lot easier on the streaming video player allowing you to keep track of your movies, shows, calendar, and shopping list.  You can choose between 1080p streaming and 4K streaming.

The Amazon Firestick interface is pretty much easy to navigate allowing you to access apps you have downloaded. Going to the app store is not much of a problem, however, you will notice that more emphasis is placed on Amazon Prime content. Finding others apps for Sling TV, Netflix and the rest would take a bit of time than necessary, however, you do get tons of content on the Amazon Firestick.


  • Very affordable
  • Alexa voice assistant
  • Wide range of streaming apps
  • Integrates with Echo speakers


  • More complex interface
  • Amazon ads

Roku vs. Firestick – What Reddit Users Think

Reddit Comment #1

I have two fire 4k sticks that I use to stream tv channels one of them is being use for about 6 hours on average everyday. They work fine and haven’t slowed down at all. It is bloated with Amazon prime stuff but I just mostly ignore it and use the voice command to open the apps I want to use. – InturestedLurker

Reddit Comment #2

When I was deciding, I watched youtube vids comparing them. I like the UI and ease of use of the Roku. Firestick is perfectly serviceable too, I just don’t love the layout and how everything defaults to Amazon services. – ChronoMonkeyX

Reddit Comment #3

I have and use 5 Roku Sticks; 4 3600R and 1 3800R. I have around 80 channels/apps installed. They work fine without sluggishness or buffering. I think there a 3rd party Twitch app available for Roku.

That said, if the official Twitch app is important to you, a 4k Fire TV Stick might be a better fit for you. – Boz6

Reddit Comment #4

I’ve been using the Firestick since they first came out and I’ve been pretty happy with them. I find that Youtube kind of sucks on the Firestick so I keep my original Chromecast plugged in for using Youtube and other Google services, showing pictures from my phone, etc. I’ve only tried a Roku once and the device was bad out of the box. The store didn’t have another one in stock so I got a refund and bought the Firestick.

All of the big apps like Netfilx, Hulu, HBOGo, etc work well on the Firestick. – floyd2168

Reddit Comment #5

Firestick weakness is no Vudu and fewer channels/apps than Roku. Roku is a more even handed player, so it has both Amazon, Google, and Vudu among others available. No other player has so many channels and apps available. – epictetusdouglas

Reddit Comment #6

The Roku Stick and the Fire TV Box, not stick, would be where I would start. The only good thing about the Fire Stick is it’s so cheap but it’s really a toy compared to the box. Now if you are absolutely sure all you will ever do is streaming from mainstream sources either Stick will do. No box necessary. – pawdog

Reddit Comment #7

I have both. IMO, firestick is better, especially if you use VUE, no comparison. FS remote also has voice search, which Roku is missing. I am surprised by so many one sided comments in this sub. Check out reviews on Amazon under the new FS, overwhelmingly positive. – duroncore

Reddit Comment #8

Basically it comes down to Kodi. If you want it, go with the Fire Stick, otherwise Roku is a better option over all. I love my fire stick, but it’s interface is kind of garbage compared to the roku stick, and the library is a bit smaller (although Pluto is much better on Fire Stick, which is enough to warrant it for me.) – TheRedBee