Curved vs. Flat Monitor – Reddit Users’ Opinions

Curved monitors come with a lot of hype with so many online sources and users claiming that they offer better immersion than traditional flat screens.

While this is mostly true, there are many factors you should consider when picking between curved and flat monitors. Curved monitors bring all the information to your center of focus but there is the issue of glare which becomes a problem when viewing for extended periods.

curved vs flat monitor reddit

Curved vs. Flat Monitor – Reddit Users to the Rescue!

With the above in mind, making a choice between both options won’t be as easy as you think as that’s why you need Reddit. On Reddit, you can find users with both systems who have left helpful comments that will assist you in making the right pick.

In this article, we used that information to create this detailed comparison guide as well as posted the most helpful comments from these Reddit users.

Curved Vs. Flat Monitor – Multiple Viewing

Flat monitors will give you the same image regardless of where you’re viewing from, however, curved monitors are tuned to show each pixel to the viewer from a certain angle which means other viewers won’t get a good view. If you’re planning on purchasing a monitor that would be viewed by groups of people at certain times, narrowing the optimal viewing position would affect the productivity of the group.

Curved Vs. Flat Monitor – Price

Curved monitors make use of cutting-edge technology to improve their display and ensure you get the most immersive picture quality. This also means they would cost more than flat monitors. Curved monitors are only most effective when you go for a model of 30 inches or more. This means you would have to expand your budget and spend a lot more than you would have if you were going for a flat monitor.

Curved Vs. Flat Monitor – Eye Comfort

Eye comfort is a big deal when it comes to buying monitors especially if you’re going to be using one for a long while. The light protection physics in both monitors are quite different. With flat monitors, the light is blasted at a straight line so you might have to strain your eyes a little to see everything on the monitor especially if the flat screen exceeds the natural field of view.

With a curved monitor, you would have to worry less about eyestrain and eye ache. The light protection physics has all the light directly at the viewer allowing you to take everything in regardless of the size of the curved screen.

Curved Vs. Flat Monitor – Pixel Response Time

If you’re considering purchasing a monitor for gaming, then you would want to take the Pixel Response Time more seriously. Pixel response time simply means the time it takes for a pixel to change from black to white or from one shade of gray to another shade. This enhances the fast visuals which are quite important for gaming.

High-end flat-screen monitors would do just fine in any case as they come with improved features designed to speed up the pixel response. Custom gaming monitors also come with some similar features. Curved monitors made with the gaming audience in mind ensure a fast response time through the immersive nature of ultrawide screens and superior visuals which make for the ultimate gaming experience.

Curved Vs. Flat Monitor – Wall Mounting

If you’re planning to mount the monitor on the wall, then you should by all means consider a flat monitor. Curved screens not only require specific mounts to be mounted on the wall but will also require specific positioning. That’s if you want to get all the benefits of a curved display.

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Pros/Cons According to Reddit

Curved Monitor (Pros and Cons)


  • Better eye comfort
  • Faster pixel response time
  • Less distortion
  • Covers a wide field of view


  • Requires specific mount
  • Can be prone to glare

Flat Monitor (Pros and Cons)


  • Can be mounted easily
  • Less prone to clear
  • More affordable


  • More likely to cause eyestrain

Curved Vs. Flat Monitor – What Reddit Users Think

Reddit Comment #1

I’ve done curved and flat and I found I could easily adapt to both. I kinda like the curved monitors for multi monitor setups, it makes the transition between the two monitors smoother, but I’d prioritize image quality, refresh rate, etc. over curved or flat. – Elianor_tijo

Reddit Comment #2

When I was deciding between a curved or flat monitor I went to Costco and stood in front of a curved monitor for 5 minutes to see if I liked it or not. It’s one of those things you should definitely try first (if you can) before you buy. – t3hPieGuy

Reddit Comment #3

For normal 16:9 monitors, stick with flat. Curved is just an unnecessary gimmick.

For ultrawides (21:9 or 32:9), curved is practically required due to the increased viewing angles at the edges. I’ve seen a few non-curved ultrawides in person and they look super awkward. – noratat

Reddit Comment #4

Have a large curved at home and 2 monitors at the office.. I think differences are small, and you can find software for most things you want to change. I do like having 1 monitor vertical tho – Brinkofit

Reddit Comment #5

The way I see it, curved non ultrawide screens are mainly for tripplescreen setups, as you then actually get something out of the curve. But if you don’t plan on getting a triple setup with the monitor, I’d say save the money and get the cheapest if that’s the flat one. 27” isn’t large enough to need any curve on it – Derpy_Bech

Reddit Comment #6

Depends on your budget/preference. I personally prefer curved. I just went from a flat to a curved monitor. I don’t think I can switch back lol. – RecentDegree64

Reddit Comment #7

Curved monitors really help if you have really big screens. Imo, unless you have anything 27″ or above, flat and curved don’t matter. It’s beyond 27″ that you really want to look into curved monitors. – GralicBread