Sony MDR 7506: Reddit Users’ Reviews

The Sony MDR 7506 are closed-back headphones designed for critical listening. They don’t leak much and might seem a bit chunky but you will get the right value for the price. However, there are still some things to watch out for when going for these headphones.

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Sony MDR 7506: Reddit Users’ Reviews

In this piece, we’ve gathered the most invaluable comments on the Sony MDR 7506 from Reddit users who have had an experience with these headphones. This would save you the time you would have to spend going through hundreds of comments and numerous subreddits.

Build Quality

The Sony MDR 7506 features a straightforward over-ear design that looks a bit bland. The earcups are quite large and oval which should be a big plus for most people. The headband is also wide and lightly padded featuring a faux-leather covering. This makes for an overall cheap-looking build, but it does meet up when it comes to sound reproduction.

There is also a thin metal frame that reinforces the build. This should keep the headphones from getting damaged after a few falls. However, the rest of the design is made of so much plastic and the hinges feel a bit weak exposing the wiring slightly. Overall, the build quality is decent for its price.


These headphones feel quite loose on the head which is a plus since they won’t place too much tension on the head. They won’t slide off your ears while listening but will easily fall off your head during physical activities like running or jogging. Weighing just 0.46 lbs, the headphones are lightweight and would rest comfortably on the head. The clamping force is not too tight, though the padding fabric feels a bit rougher on the skin and might wear down too quickly.

Sound Quality

Overall, the headphones feature a well-balanced sound production. The bass is great with the thumps of bass-heavy genres like hip-hop sounding more pleasant. The Sony MDR 7506 will also reproduce vocals and lead instruments clearly without distorting or fading and as for the treble, it is decent overall.


When talking about features, you won’t find much of anything to work with. There is no app to personalize your music and you get to ANC control or Mic control. There is also no battery on the device so you get to use it continuously without having to recharge. Take note that these are passive headphones so you won’t find any playback control features or even a charging port.

Positive Reddit Reviews

[su_quote cite=”artebus83″]If you love the MDR-7506 then you can’t go wrong with getting it — they are well loved for a reason. 🙂 I have been using them for over a decade at work as well. They’re not perfect but they are durable and not too expensive.

At home I have an HD6xx, but actually prefer the sound of the MDR-7506 a lot of the time. I’m looking at the AKG K371 as an upgrade but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. They’re on sale right now so it might be the time to go for it… [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”mr_easy_e”]The Sony MDR-7506s were standard issue at my film school. I used them in the edit bay, doing sound on set, studying in the library… everything. I still see them all the time on film sets and in post-production facilities, and they make me nostalgic.

Mine took such a beating that I had to let them go long before getting into this hobby. I sometimes have the urge to get another pair to compare them to all the more expensive cans I’ve owned since.

As for the WH-1000XM3, I also own a pair of those and understand what you’re saying about them. I use mine on planes for their noise canceling and wireless convenience, but they’re not my favorite set for sound quality. [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”dolmane”]I don’t get 7506’s, I think they sound too bright and spikey. I personally like the ATH M50, also know some people who prefer Sennheiser as well. My father is a production mixer and he’s been using 7506 for the past decades though, you’ll find some love for those but to be honest I never really got why.No XP with in ears. [/su_quote]

Critical Reddit Reviews

[su_quote cite=”arentyouatwork”]I was once upon a time a professional audio engineer and recording sound engineer. I own two pairs of these phones. I loved MDR-7506’s thanks to the fact they were fairly flat and a little harsh to pick out when your highs aren’t quite right. They’re not even perfect for that job, but for the price and their durability, they’re excellent in the field.

The ear covers are terrible. I replaced one set with lambskin covers and another with cotton covers. That made them much better.

For pleasurable listening, they’re garbage. Straight up. [/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Jonners_90″]My brother in law got a couple of 7506s for monitoring/listening to his podcasts while he was recording with his guests. I tried them out to listen to music on my S9+ at the time. Nooooppee. I was very underwhelmed. I don’t know what I was expecting but it sounded super super flat and hollow. Did not live up to the hype and reviews I’ve heard about them. And they were practically brand new too. Not to mention I had the same earpad problem you had. They would definitely need a pad swap to be decent.

I recommend DT 770s for closed, or 990s if you want open back. I can also recommend the HD 599 (I have the 598s and they’re light and comfortable). Just depends on your budget and if you need a mic or not. [/su_quote]

Bottom Line

The Sony MDR 7506 is more or less an option targetted at those on a tight budget and looking for a headphone for use in studio or professional listening sessions. They are not as versatile as many other options on the market due to the lack of control buttons and onboard battery, but they do offer excellent sound reproduction.