Best Office Chairs – Consumer Reports (2024)

When asked to list out the things that impact your productivity at work, most people won’t ever think of the chair they use at work. Yet, sitting for hours on an ergonomically designed office chair can boost your productivity significantly and protect you from chronic back and shoulder pain. This explains why investing in a good office chair is about as vital as investing in a top-notch PC.

In this review, we’d be looking at the best office chairs, according to consumer reports and reviews by experts.

best office chairs consumre reports

Best Office Chairs  (Consumer Reports)

We’ve researched dozen of office chairs by several different brands, comparing them in terms of design, durability, adjustability, ease of use, lumbar support, material, and brand reputation.

And from our initial long list, we kept cutting out the unimpressive options until we were left with the top contenders that you won’t go wrong with.

Now, have them!

1. Duramont DDC312 Ergonomic Office Chair

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The Duramont DDC312 Ergonomic Office Chair is a mid-range office chair for shoppers with a limited budget but willing to spend a bit more to get a high-quality product.

Duramont DDC312 is 100% designed for comfort and durability. It features a breathable mesh back that provides support while keeping your back comfortable. The mesh design ensures that cool air can circulate through the chair keeping your back sweat-free.

Adjustability options are surplus in this pick. You will find adjustable lumbar support which comes in handy if you are having back issues or you’re looking for a chair that will prevent you from developing them. The adjustable lumbar support can go in and out, up and down, plus there is a recline feature that allows you to tilt the backrest back or sit straight. This gives you full control over the chair allowing you to find that perfect position that offers maximum comfort.

The adjustment options don’t stop there with this chair. You will find a second adjustment lever that allows you to lock in your preferred recline angle at any degree.

Installation is also a breeze with the Duramont DDC312. The chair comes with simple instructions that help you to set up the chair in a matter of minutes. The simple steps can be followed by one person regardless of their technical knowledge so you won’t need any assistance or have to get professional help.

As said earlier, the Duramont DDC312 is one of the most durable chairs out there. It features a high-quality build including a soft cushion seat, sturdy arm, and headrests, plus rollerblade caster wheels so you can move easily across the office floor. There is also an assuring 5-year warranty on the chair.

2. SIHOO M18-014 Ergonomic Office Chair

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SIHOO is not the most famous office chair brand out there, but there is something that it does perfectly that other brands fail to replicate. The brands offer high-quality chairs for an extremely affordable price. The SIHOO M18-014 can be said to be a mid-range option, but it tilts closely to the affordable price range making it a great choice for those on a tight budget but shopping for a high-quality office chair that will provide maximum comfort and adjustability options.

Firstly, there is the breathable mesh. If you work in a tight space, you will need all the air you can get. The premium backrest features breathable mesh that gives a cool feeling and enhances your sitting experience. The main advantage here is that it promotes good airflow and eliminates sweating. If you’re going to be on the seat for long hours, this feature will look like a plus. You get to stay relaxed throughout your working session.

Adjustments are very important in an office chair and the SIHOO M18-014 has a ton of them. There a 5 ergonomic adjustment options that help you discover the most comfortable seating position. You can adjust the back support at will till you find the right spot that offers maximum support. You can also adjust the headrest. This makes it great for people of different heights. Other adjustments options include the stepless seat height, tilt adjustment, and height-adjustable armrests.

The SIHOO M18-014 does come with a plastic build, but it is designed to be sturdy. There is a three-year warranty on the chair that gives some extra assurance as to its quality.

Assembly is made easy with clear instructions that will help you piece the chair together in a matter of minutes. You can also reach out for support if you find it a bit too challenging. However, this is unlikely to happen. Overall, the SIHOO M18-014 is an affordable option with tons of impressive features.

3. Amazon Basics Executive Home Office Desk Chair

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Working hard at your desk all day can put your back, neck, and shoulders in tough situations that will cause them to hurt. Most people know this and that’s why having the right office chair is a must. For a lot of people, affordability tops their list of preferences and features for an office chair which makes it difficult to get high quality. Fortunately, there are high-quality picks that fall into the low-range price options and are great for those on a tight budget. One of such is the Amazon Basics Executive Home Office Desk Chair.

The Amazon Basics Executive Home Office Desk Chair does pass the test when compared to other executive chairs on the market. It features a high backrest with more support for those that work on a computer or spends a lot of time sitting down. This executive chair features a butterfly seat plate with firm padding and curved contours to ensure that your get maximum support on your back and body. The design is meant to align the body properly, so you’re always maintaining the right seating posture. This prevents problems like back pain and neck pain.

There is no breathable mesh in this pick, so you might want to ensure your room is well-ventilated whenever you want to take a seat. The chair features the right set of adjustability functions> it features a pneumatic control lever that helps you to adjust the seat’s height and angle. The angle adjustment allows you to tilt the chair to how you see fit. There is also a tilt-tension knob that helps with adjusting the chair’s rocking motions. In addition, the executive chair features bonded leather upholstery, 360-degree swivel capability, and a 5-point base with rolling caster wheels.

Overall, the Amazon Basics Executive Home Office Desk Chair offers just about everything you can find in the high-end models, but for an affordable price.

4. OFM ESS – ESS-3085-GRY Gaming Chair

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While office chairs do work well for most gamers, gaming chairs tend to fare better. They do offer the same level of comfort even if you’re sitting for long periods. However, gaming chairs are designed to keep gamers comfortable, absorb their weight, and create balance for their entire body; head, neck, back, and legs. The OFM ESS – ESS-3085-GRY Gaming Chair is one of those picks that not only provide maximum comfort but also don’t require you to break the bank to own them. It is designed to provide luxury and comfort whether in use during intense gaming sessions or long workdays.

The gaming chair features an ergonomic design offering contoured segmented padding, integrated padded headrest, and padded arms. The main feature that differs is the padded headrest and how it fuses to the rest of the chair. This ensures your neck also gets support when you turn. The segmented padded seat and back design allow you to sink into the chair and relax. The flip-up arms can be moved out of the way and when in use, the padded feature allows you to rest comfortably.

There are also a ton of adjustment options with this chair. There is a recline function or center-tilt control that reclines the chair for greater comfort. The tilt tension helps control the rate and ease of back recline to fit various preferences. Other adjustment features include seat height adjustment and a 360-degree swivel.

The OFM ESS – ESS-3085-GRY Gaming Chair ticks all the right checkboxes when talking about affordability and comfort. It is a great option for gamers looking to spend a lot less but get a lot back in value.

5. Furmax Office Executive Chair

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If you’re a sucker for extremely affordable yet high-quality products, then you will like what the Furmax Office Executive Chair has to offer. While some shoppers think the quality is all about the price tag attached to a product, the Furmax Office Executive Chair begs to differ, offering excellent finishing, an ergonomic design, and high-quality PU leather that makes for a premium look.

This office chair provides maximum lumbar support and comfort using high-quality padding that surrounds the mid-back region of your back and ensures you maintain the proper posture at all times. While this is a common feature among many office chairs, the problem is that they are usually 3x more expensive. Maximum comfort is further ensured with cushioned back and seat upholstered that provide extra support plus a thick pad and soft texture to slow down the pressure of sitting for too long.

The chair is also fully adjustable. You can adjust the height with 360-degree swivel rotation. The heavy-duty base and smooth-rolling casters ensure a superb stable structure. There are also simple pneumatic controls that let your raise or lower the seat and rock back in your chair.

The Furmax Office Executive Chair has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. This is another feature that matches the premium options. For a very affordable option, this executive chair could easily be the best choice for users on a tight budget.

6. Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair

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The Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair is a mid-range type with a ton of adjustability options for a wide range of body types. It is easily one of the best picks for the shoppers looking for an office chair that creates a balance between affordability and functionality.  One of the best features of this office chair is its high-quality make that should outlast its generous 2-year warranty.

Designed with a double-back structure, this ergonomic office chair will make a great fit for many body types. Its large back and seat will fit a wide range of people from about 5′.9″ to 6′.3″. The loading capacity is set up to 280 lbs.

It provides support to the upper back and waist together. If you work long hours, the support and curvature of the waist design will provide full-body support for your work period.  The waterfall-shaped cushion reduces pressure on the tight bottoms while ensuring that the edge of the seat won’t cut off circulation to your thighs.

The Gabrylly features an impressive range of adjustability and allows for easy maneuvers, so you can get into the perfect setup for your task and body type. The 2D multi-arms can be adjusted up & down, front & back, for maximum comfort. You can create more room by adjusting the armrests to a lower position to push them under the desk. Headrest adjustments are also available. You can adjust the height and angle of the headrest to reduce pain in the neck and shoulder. The recline function allows you to lean back and relax. While in this position, the natural S-shape of the chair provides maximum support for the spine and back.

In addition, you can modify the mesh chair’s back title and lock it at 3 different positions. The flexible and friendly mesh material provides enough ventilation to prevent heat or sweating. The Gabrylly is one of those affordable options that will meet all the quality requirements of most users.

7. SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

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The SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair features a modern and sleek design where affordability meets functionality giving you every bit of comfort you deserve. Though it isn’t one of the biggest names, this South-Korean brand knows exactly what buyers want – an affordable price with high-end functionality.

While it does feature a plastic build, the SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair still remains an attractive piece of furniture with a premium look=. It holds a GREENGUARD certification which means that it is built with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials and features an outstanding weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The SIDIZ T50 offers a wide range of adjustability options which are its main selling points. Firstly, the seat height can go as low as 15 inches measured from the ground to the top. If you are not one of those 6-feet tall folks, this makes this office chair a great pick for you. You won’t have to sit with your feet dangling with is common with many regular office chairs. The seat depth adjustment is another plus. It ensures that the back of your knees never brushes up against the edge of the seat ensuring maximum comfort.

Another adjustability function is the forward tilting seat function. With the push of a lever, the entire seat will tilt forward and lock into place at a slight angle from the horizontal. This tilt function should relieve stress on your neck, waist, and back after working long hours. There are 5 thresholds on the tilt function that offer a max of 125 degrees.

The lumbar support on the SIDIZ T50 is satisfying. You can control both its height and depth though the small size might be limiting for larger people. The curved design of the backrest provides maximum support, matching the shape of the back comfortably. Finally, you have the adjustable 3D armrests. These can be adjusted up/down, left/right, and in/out. Overall, the SIDIZ T50 is a solid option and a great recommendation for anyone looking for a mid-range pick.

8. Gates Leather Executive Chair

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If luxury, comfort, and functionality are your top three features when searching for an office chair, then the Gates Leather Executive Chair is one of the best options to look out for. Sleek, sharp, and professional, Gates takes the win in all areas. The Gates features a supple padded genuine Brazilian leather on the seat and armrests of the chair with high-quality leatherette on the back. The design is finished off with a polished aluminum base with a 360-degree swivel and 5 rolling castor wheels. The Gates makes all the typical promises, proving lumbar and head support to port your back and head from aching while working long hours.

The chair comes with a ton of adjustability options. For the seat, there is a standard gas lift seat height adjustment lever. The Gates comes with an ergonomic synchro-tilt reclining mechanism – so you can lock your chair in the upright position or unlock the mechanism to tilt back and relax. The reclining function allows you to tilt back to 120 degrees. You can lock the reclining position so that it stays in your desired position. There is also a tension knob that adjusts the resistance while reclining. You can make it looser or tighter depending on how smooth you want the tilting to be.

The synchro mechanism is designed to recline both the seat and backrest but at a 1:2 ratio to minimize the recline of the seat in comparison to the backrest. This prevents the rocking chair effects while keeping your feet on the ground while ensuring proper blood circulation and better spinal alignment. The waterfall seat edge design also provides an extra benefit. The structure is designed to eliminate leg fatigue ensuring an overall comfortable workspace.

9. SIHOO V1-M101

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The SIHOO V1-M101 is one of the most expensive office chairs on the market. For its high price, it offers a plethora of features that ensure maximum comfort. Unlike other picks, this office chair features a Y-shaped backrest frame that provides all-round elastic support and protection. The S-shape backrest makes for a great fit for the spine curve providing long-term comfort and perfect support for all health-conscious users. The 4D lumbar support provides users with customized lumbar which is a lot comfier than most affordable options.

The 5-gear adjustable backrest makes the chair great for users of all heights so you can always find a comfortable sitting posture with a few adjustments. The chair can also be placed at four different angles: 110, 120, 130, and 140.

The chair is made even more comfortable with a high-elastic sponge seat cushion. It is also adjustable in the depth of 5cm, providing sufficient seating space which makes it suitable for people of different sizes. The mobile armrest features a supporting adjustable distance of 2.5cm. It can also be adjusted up and down, with eight gears.

The quality of the chair is durable yet delicate, so you can rest assured that it is super comfy and long-lasting. The big-size headrest with high-grade oil wax PU provides users with maximum comfort while the precise electroplating aluminum alloy feet ensure durability, and provides high-pressure core support.

Assembling the chair is going to be a breeze and you won’t need a professional to assist. The chair comes with image-text assembly descriptions in multiple languages. On your own, you can assemble the chair in about 20 minutes.

The SIHOO V1-M101 is built to last and comes with a three-year warranty on its parts. While it will cost a lot more than most options, this chair does have its perks. Safe to say, it is a great option for those who suffer from neck and back pain even while using chairs from other brands.

10. Space Seating Office Chair


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Another mid-range pick with a premium design is the Space Seating Office Chair. This chair is made out of 100% polyester which does count as an upgrade for shoppers used to plastic. The Space Seating Office Chair features a simple design yet provides a high level of comfort.

You get to choose just how comfortable you would want to be with this chair as it gives you full control over the settings. The chair has an accommodating range of 2-to-1 synchro locking tilt control with adjustable tilt tension.

Many mid-range options tend to be designed to suit people of a particular size and height. This makes it quite difficult for larger people or those that just want a little bit more seat space. Fortunately, the Space Seating Office Chair corrects this by providing the necessary adjustment features. There are the one-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment and padded flip arms with silver accents.

These features provide further customization to the chair allowing you to adjust the height of the seat as you see fit as well as the arms. Simply flip the arms to get them out of the way when not in use. At the bottom of the chair is a heavy-duty base with silver accents and dual-wheel carpet casters that will balance your weight and allow you to roll across the room.

The Space Seating Office Chair has a slightly lower weight capacity of 275 pounds. If you’re going for this option, you might want to consider these recommendations especially if you’re going to share this chair with other people.