Best Deodorant for Men – Reddit Users’ Recommendations

If you’re looking to buy the right deodorant for men, Reddit is a great platform where you’d get trustworthy recommendations from people who have actually tried out several options.

But browsing through countless posts and subreddits just to find the right deodorant for you can be quite time-consuming. So, we decided to do that hard work for you.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of the best deodorant for men according to Reddit users’. We also added some details worth knowing about each of the options as well as quotes from Reddit users who recommended it.

Now, let’s cut right to the chase.

Our Selection Process

From the threads we found on Reddit about deodorants for men, we selected the most active ones and got a total of over 200 comments — more than enough to help make a well-informed decision. So, we went through each thread carefully to figure out the most trusted male deodorants among Reddit users.

Best Deodorants for Men (Reddit Top Choices)

In order of the number of Reddit recommendations and positive reviews, here are the best male deodorants:

1. Old Spice

best male deodorant reddit 1


The Old Spice range of men’s deodorants won the highest number of “votes” by Reddit users. The brand is widely known for its great appeal as well as its long legacy of helping men stay fresh and smell good. So, it’s no surprise that their deodorants are among the most widely trusted ones on the market.

Old Spice has a long list of men’s deodorants to their name. And while checking through Reddit, we found that users differed in their choices. However, most users favor the Swagger over other options, with the Aqua Reef taking coming next.

What Reddit Users Say

Old Spice Aqua Reef hands down best deodorant for the money man. You won’t regret it. It’s pretty strong and lasts quite a while. — shameonyouz


I used to use Old Spice Sweat Defense, which worked very well. — Caldrumr


Old Spice Pure Sport has been my signature scent for 15 years. — Sniperion00


Gotta agree with everybody here; Old Spice. We only get one version in Holland, but it’s the only thing that 1) keeps the stank at bay, 2) without ruining all the armpits in my shirts. — UnoriginalUse


When I did use it, I always chose Old Spice. Applies easily, smells great, and lasts a long time. — DavyJonesRocker

2. Mitchum

best male deodorant reddit 2


In terms of the number of recommendations we found on Reddit, Mitchum had only one or two less than Old Spice, making it another widely trusted male deodorant brand. Most Reddit preferred the unscented option.

Also, according to Reddit users, the product truly keeps up with its advertisement promise to keep you smelling good for 48 hours. It was also touted as the perfect option for those who sweat heavily.

One interesting thing we found out about Mitchum is that a number of men actually prefer to stick with the option made specifically for women. Their reason? They’re just cool with it. Haha!

What Reddit Users Say

Mitchum Unscented (unperfumed) Roll-on. It works and it doesn’t have a scent to clash at all, just keeps you dry and unstinky. — Sporkalork


I use Mitchum Unscented roll-on. It has been the best anti antiperspirant I have ever used. — jabronni


…If sweating like crazy is the issue, then maybe go with Mitchum..  — certainlynotthomas


Mitchum deodarant is always good. Strong and does the job. — FormerFruit


Mitchum for women, I know its for girls. I don’t know why but they always work better. I used this when I was at uni after staying at a girls house.. That day I found out that whatever they get sold is way better than the stuff they lump guys with. — milo188

3. Dove Men

best male deodorant reddit 3


Another top brand in the deodorant market, Dove Men is among the most widely trusted options among Reddit users. The male deodorants are available in different colors, each with a unique fragrance. Most users seemed to prefer the Yellow and Green options.

According to the Reddit users who swore by Dove Men deodorant, the product is aluminum-free, doesn’t leave a yellow stain on your clothes, and actually lasts around 48 hours — someone claimed that the green color lasts longest.

What Reddit Users Say

The spray deodorant/antiperspirant my SO uses is Dove For Men: Silver Control. That particular one smells really nice, so you can happily spray it all over if you’re going to the gym or just lounging around the house after a shower or not in the mood to add other fragrances on top. — bad_girl_bex


Dove Men +Care in Fresh Awake (“yellow label”) scent takes the cake. Completely dry and the scent is wonderful… — Kronis1


I use the Dove sprays. Sage and Minerals is good, and so is the Cool Fresh. — TFriss77


I personally use dove for men non yellow stain. — alexis_1031

4. Arm & Hammer

best male deodorant reddit 4


The Arm & Hammer brand might be more popular for baking soda, but their male deodorants are impressive as well — according to Reddit users who have tried them out. The range of male deodorants is boasted for being cheap and simple, but Reddit users are fascinated more by the fact that they are aluminum-free, truly last 48 hours, and leave no stains on your clothes.

Many users preferred the unscented version. So, if you have issues with aluminum-containing deodorants, this is your best bet.

What Reddit Users Say

I love the Unscented Arm & Hammer. Also it doesn’t stain my white t-shirts like Old Spice used to. — sun_d


Arm & Hammer Ultra Max – always cheap, odourless and never clashes with scents. Been using it for years. — ittybittyspidre

5. Baxter of California

best male deodorant reddit 5


Touted as an aluminum-free male deodorant, Baxter of California also garnered a good number of recommendations in Reddit threads on the best male deodorants. This product keeps you smelling good for up to 48 hours by neutralizing bacteria that cause body odor. Reddit users testified that Baxter of California does not leave stains on clothes and has a nice scent.

What Reddit Users Say

Seconding this (Baxter of California). Just picked some up today. It’s a pretty clean scent without being very hyper masculine or overwhelming. It’s also aluminum free so you won’t get yellow pit stains on your shirts. — MangoHi_Chew


I used to use this. It is pretty good but I ended up moving to Baxter of California for the time being. — joxr

6. Axe

best male deodorant reddit 6


Another popular brand on the market, Axe male deodorants didn’t get as many recommendations on Reddit as one would expect, but it remains the favorite of a good number of Reddit users.

From the various options available in the range of Axe male deodorants, the Gold and Musk versions were most widely recommended. Even though the brand seems to target teenagers and young adults, men in all age groups use and love it.

What Reddit Users Say

I like AXE a lot I have about 5 cans of it one can in my backpack a can at work can in my gym bag and 2 cans at home. Believe it or not I get compliments on how I smell which a guy I thoroughly enjoy. — frogmicky


Alright this is going to sound dumb as hell, and it may just be up to personal preference or nostalgia, but I really like the Chocolate Axe body spray. I’m not 13, I don’t like Axe in general, but something about the chocolate stuff is really nice… — Gluvs

Other Brands Recommended on Reddit

  • Certain Dri
  • Toms of Maine
  • Degree Men UltraClear Black+White
  • Aromaco from Lush
  • Degree
  • Malin & Goetz