Best Wireless Earbuds: Reddit Top Picks

Wireless earbuds are taking the world by storm. With many brands vying for customer attention, any potential user would be confused about which brands to go for. But you can rely on the firsthand experience of thousands of wireless earbud users on Reddit. You can trust the testimony of Reddit users to determine the best wireless earbuds for your audio needs.

To spare you the trouble of scouring through the thousands of best wireless earbud reviews on numerous subreddits, we distilled the best recommendations for you. Our editors reviewed Reddit top picks for best wireless earbuds based on the number of user reviews, the comfort of use, noise cancelation, latency, battery life, smartphone compatibility, affordability, and even water resistance.

Best Wireless Earbuds: Reddit Users’ Top Recommendations

Having saved you the time and stress of sifting through innumerable Reddit opinions, you can make an informed decision with our curated list of the best wireless earbuds. Sit back and choose any of the following Reddit users’ top picks:

1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus enjoys a rave review on Reddit. Hundreds of passionate Reddit users reveal practical experiences with using the earbud. Released on February 14, 2020, the Galaxy Buds Plus is an improvement on the earlier Galaxy Buds version. The earbuds weigh 6.3g (39.6g with the case) and measure 17.5 x 19.2 x 22.5mm, while the case measures 38.8 x 70.0 x 26.5 mm.

The stellar pair of wireless earbuds has the following outstanding features:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Scalable Samsung codec and AAC
  • Qi wireless charging
  • Mic quality
  • Long battery life
  • Compact and portable build

However, a few Reddit users state that the earbud lacks aptX, has no auto-resume playback, and lacks multipoint functionality. But despite the few complaints users have against the earphone, an overwhelming majority of Reddit users opine that the Galaxy Buds Plus has amazing sound quality, impressive microphone quality, great ANC quality, and extended battery life.

Here’s mixed review of Darkthemeonly, a notable Reddit user:

Sound quality: great.

Microphone quality: No one ever notices when I’m wearing them on phone calls, so pretty good.

ANC: They don’t have ANC.

Battery life: Super solid. 11 hours in the buds. 11 more in the case.

Compared to Airpod Pros: Not quite as good, but you can get them for about half the price.

Easily the best true wireless buds on the market for the money imo.

2. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus

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Despite the funny name of this earphone, it remains one of the favorites of discerning Reddit users. Rusticarchon said on the social community platform that it is affordable and delivers a loud audio sound, while Pkelly500 credited the wireless earbud with the “best-sounding earbuds I’ve [ever] had.”

The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus has a Bluetooth range of 30 feet (9 feet) and each bud weighs only 0.2 ounces. The earbuds measure 1.1 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches. It has a battery life of 7-9 hours depending on set volume and lasts for 45 hours in the charging case. Here are other features:

  • High-performance mode/CX hi-fi stereo amplifiers
  • EQ customization
  • IPX5 water resistance
  • Voice assistance support
  • Portable and light-weight
  • Long battery life

Reddit users however point out that the device lacks ANC and produces low sound quality when on voice calls. They also worry that wearing the earbuds for a long time might turn out to be uncomfortable.

Here’s what Yamsfordays has to say on Reddit:

Insane battery

Sound quality is genuinely incredible

Cons: Not that comfortable if you’re using them for hours at a time

Need to use foam tips for best sound quality, these take like 30 full seconds to actually get a good fit. Not as simple as just putting them in and away you go.

The name is kinda dumb.

Although many other Reddit users have lots of things to say about the Cambridge Melomania, Yamsfordays is not fully done yet:

I lost my first pair of melomanias; bought a second pair and still reckon they’re worth what I’ve paid. It’s one of those products that feels like an absolute steal, even at full price. In stark contrast to the time Amazon sent me COD: Infinite Warfare for free and I somehow still felt ripped off.

3. Apple AirPods Pro

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If you use an iOS device, then the Apple AirPods Pro is just the wireless earbuds for you. According to active Reddit users, the Pro model with its wireless charging case trumps the older original version hands down. The AirPods Pro also works with Android and Windows devices, but it works best with iOS products.

Released on October 30, 2019, the Apple AirPods Pro weighs 5.4g but the charging case weighs 45.6g. The earphones measure 21.8 x 30.9mm and the charging case has a dimension of 60.6 x 45.2mm. Most Reddit reviewers who are currently using the product have the following positives to point out:

  • It fits fine with its three-ear tip options
  • Impressive noise-canceling feature
  • Comes with a highly portable charging case
  • Its pressure-sensitive stem is very responsive
  • High-performance sound quality

But it’s not all good news for the Apple AirPods Pro. Dedicated users said it only charges via lightning cable and this is not impressive enough given the tech giant behind the brand. But this has not stopped a myriad of dedicated loyalists on Reddit and other platforms from using the product. Even where some users complained of the sound quality, more knowledgeable users said the sound quality is dependent on the calibration.

Reddit user Pirnatstor revealed that:

The Airpods Pro are killer. If you heard they don’t have good sound, it’s probably because that person didn’t do the calibration. My dad thought the bass was terrible, and then did the calibration and it was amazing all of a sudden.

4. Bose Quiet Comfort

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The Bose QuietComfort wireless earbuds have a lot of upvotes among dedicated Reddit users. The Bose QuietComfort wireless earbud weighs only 0.3 ounces per bud and measures 1.5 x 1.0 x 1.1 inches. The battery life lasts 6 hours but it takes up to 18 hours to charge it with its case. It has a Bluetooth range of 35 feet (10 meters) and provides excellent sound quality.

Bose QuietComfort fans on Reddit pointed out the following benefits of using the earbuds:

  • Excellent call quality
  • Dynamic sound production
  • Strong and reliable Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity
  • Unbeatable ANC
  • Self-voice mode for enhanced call features

But despite the bright testimonials about this wireless earbud, a few users on Reddit have a few complaints. The critics said the earbud’s battery life is shorter than advertised and that its design is too big for the ears. The critics said the product design is not discreet and this causes pain in the ear after prolonged use. A few reviewers said running with it is not too ideal considering its design, but it is still usable for acoustic purposes.

A Reddit user, TemporaryAd9019, has this to say:

Just got the Bose QC earbuds based on your recommendation and really liking them so far (only about 3 hours into having them). Great ANC and fairly comfortable. I haven’t gotten a chance to run with them yet, but went on a long walk and they are secure. Not as bulky as I expected either. Sound quality is very good too. Wish it had EQ controls, but the Bose sound signature isn’t bad at all.

Another Reddit user, Breatheonthemoon, has a slightly different view:

I just got the Bose QuietComfort because I love Bose sound quality but I was so disappointed. Going to return them tomorrow. I noticed a buzzing sound with them so if it was driving you crazy with the Jabra ones you’re gonna be fuming with these. They are also huge and therefore hard to fit right in your ears and super uncomfortable especially if you like to wear earbuds for long periods of time. Really upset because Bose has never disappointed like this before.

5. Jabra Elite wireless earbuds

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The Jabra Elite 85t appears to be particularly popular among savvy Reddit users. Long-term users said on the platform that Jabra Elite 85t is cheap but solid. They made it known that it may not compare with Apple’s AirPod in terms of price and fame, but it is durable and produces great sound. There is also the 75t version which is equally good and able to serve the audio needs of hungry audiophiles.

The Jabra Elite 85t was released on October 31, 2020, and has a measurement of 23.1 x 19.0 x 16.2mm but the case has a dimension of 64.8 x 41.1 x 28.5mm. The earbud weighs 7g but it weighs 45.1g in the case. It is water-resistant and comes in a fascinating ergonomic design. Here are some of the merits of this wireless earbud:

  • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity
  • USB-C, wireless, and fast-charging features
  • IPX4 water-resistant capability
  • Adjustable ANC
  • Adjustable noise-canceling and HearThrough feature
  • Customizable EQ
  • Mobile app for extended functionality

But despite the positive merits of the Jabra Elite earbud, some users on Reddit said it has no aptX and works only with SBC/AAC. They also said that the device could suffer connection problems at times. But despite the few complaints against the brand, most Reddit users gladly recommend it to their friends and vow to purchase it again if their current earphones go missing.

Here a Reddit user, IAmLukki, voice their perspective on the device:

I use Jabra Elite which no one knows in the public and wouldn’t recognize. Lol.

Another user, CosbysLongCon, seems to agree:

Jabra are solid but you don’t need their expensive version to get the same quality as an air pod or Samsung, there’s a reason other than the H1 chip apple doesn’t list any true tech specs relating to technology in the bud or their drivers….because it’s the same as the ones that are more affordable lol.

These five Reddit top picks for the best wireless earbuds will make your day in terms of superb sound quality, excellent noise cancelation, extended battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, portability and fitness, wireless charging features, and affordability among others.