LSAT Demon Vs 7Sage: Which Course You Should Go For?

If you are considering either LSAT Demon or 7Sage for your LSAT preparation, you are already on the right pace. Both online courses are outstanding and effective. Still based on your learning style and other considerations, your preference may vary. 

So, LSAT Demon Vs 7Sage, which one should you choose? 

If you are at the beginner level of your LSAT preparation, 7Sage will be a better option for you. Whereas, LSAT Demon is more suitable for intermediate-level candidates. If you want better question-answer sessions and interactive learning opportunities, LSAT Demon should be preferable. However, 7Sage is a more budget-friendly option and has personal tutor opportunities. 

Keep reading and discover all the differences between these two courses and make the right decision. 

LSAT Demon vs 7Sage: Quick Comparison 

Before jumping into the detailed comparison, here is a quick view of the difference between LSAT Demon and 7Sage. 

Feature LSAT Demon7Sage 
FunctionUse machine learning to track your progress and plan future courses based on thatPrepared course plan. Unlocked stages as you go. 
Expertise level IntermediateBeginner 
ScheduleDoesn’t provide personal study planProvides personal study plan
TutorDoesn’t provide personal tutor Provides personal tutor 
ProgramsDon’t have a program for explaining individual questions. Explain each individual question
Question Answer SessionAvailable Not Available 
Pricing & PlanPrices start from $95 / monthHas 3 different pricing plansPrices start from $69 / monthHas 2 different pricing plans
Fee waiverStarts from $40Starts from $30

LSAT Demon Vs 7Sage: In-Depth Comparison 

An in-depth comparison between LSAT Demon and 7Sage will help you decide which of these courses suits you better. Let’s dive into this. 


LSAT Demon tracks your skill level through machine learning and suggests questions that you might have lackings in. On the other hand, 7Sage has learning materials divided into small groups. This small group of study materials is given to you as you finish each level. 

Otherwise, both the online LSAT course works almost in a similar way. They let you drill previous LSAT questions, and assess your current level.  And also explain LSAT questions through live classes and video recordings.

However, you need to use the best LSAT preparation books for the best preparation!

Expertise Level:

7Sage is better for learners who are at the very beginning stage of LSAT preparation. Whereas, LSAT Demon is more focused on intermediate-level students. If you’re someone with a good diagnostic score, LSAT demon might be better for you!

7Sage provides almost 900 hours of course material and hours of detailed explanation on each previous LSAT question. They also have a huge collection of printable practice questions. So you can start from zero and learn from grammatical errors to advanced lessons. 

LSAT Demon is slightly less comprehensive than 7Sage. It’s ideal when you have previous experience of LSAT preparation and need to sharpen your skills. Here, you don’t have to sit to listen to hours of explanation. Thus, if you’re a beginner, you might struggle with their resources.

The founders of LSAT Demon, Ben & Nathan have a simple strategy. You only have to study an hour a day to get your LSAT preparation done. So, they provide videos of only 35 minutes in duration. 

Also, as LSAT Demon provides personalized services, you don’t have to unlock each stage by completing the previous one. Rather, LSAT Demon recognizes your strengths and weaknesses. And then it helps you focus your study time on the areas where you need the most improvement. So, it saves you time as well. 


Unlike 7Sage, LSAT Demon does not have a feature where they explain each individual question in an LSAT question set. 

Other than this dissimilarity, both online platforms provide similar programs. For example, full LSAT question set analytics, drills on the questions, LSAT strategy lessons, and live classes. 

Question Answer Session:

LSAT Demon is better for interaction and question-answer sessions than 7Sage. 

Unlike the 7Sage, the LSAT Demon has an ask button where you can ask any question regarding your preparation and they will reply to you within 24 hours. 

LSAT Demon’s live classes are more interactive and the instructors try to answer all the questions from students. On the other hand, according to many learners, 7Sage live sessions are not very interactive. If you ask a question, the instructors tend to dismiss the answer and proceed to the next topic. 

Moreover, in LSAT Demon, you can join “Nathan’s Free Class”. Here, Nathan will answer all your queries and bust myths regarding LSAT. You can learn how the LSAT works, how to take preparation for LSAT, and other relevant information in these classes. 

What makes them special is that Nathan’s years of experience are reflected to guide students. This class takes place every other Thursday at 7.00 PM. There are no such classes in 7Sage.

Study Plans & Schedule:

Unlike LSAT Demon, you can plan your study schedule in 7Sage based on how many months you want to prepare for LSAT. You have to select the starting and ending date and the 7Sage will make a schedule for you. 

Personal plans are ideal if you’re worried about January LSAT being too late for you and need to prepare on time.

Study Plans & Schedule

Both LSAT Demon and 7Sage take live classes every day at different hours. You can register for those classes based on your instructor, topic, and timing preferences. Also, you can watch recorded videos and take drills at any time you want in both coachings. 

Personal Tutor:

LSAT Demon doesn’t have any personal tutor opportunities whereas, in 7Sage, you can book your personal tutor. 

Tutors are available for different time packages, including 30 hours, 20 hours, 10 hours, and 5 hours. In 1 hour classes, tutors will provide you with homework based on your weaknesses, prepare you for each prep test, and fine-tune your techniques.

So, if you need to get a private tutor, 7Sage will provide you with that.

LSAT Demon

Pricing & Plan:

LSAT Demon is on the pricier side whereas, the 7Sage is more budget-friendly. The monthly plan of 7Sage starts from $69 only. On the other hand, the price of LSAT Demon starts from $95 / month. 

In LSAT Demon, you can purchase any one of the three plans at different prices. Such as, 


  • $95 / month
  • 77 LSAT question sets
  • Explanation of 50 LSATs
  • Natha’s free class
  • Smart drilling
  • Proctored exam & 
  • Ask button


  • $195 / month
  • 99 LSAT question sets
  • Explanation of 99 LSATs
  • Lessons
  • All the other benefits of the basic program. 


  • $295 / month
  • Daily Live Classes
  • All the other benefits of the premium program. 

In 7Sage, you only get two types of plans. Such as 


  • $69/month
  • 50+ hrs of video lessons
  • Individual 8,440 question explanations
  • Full LSAT analytics
  • Customized schedule
  • +$99 if you want 1yr LSAT Prep Plus

Monthly + Live:

  • $129/month
  • Live classes
  • Everything in Monthly

However, the personal tutor service of 7Sage is very costly. The package starts from $999. 

Both LSAT Demon and 7Sage provide free trial options with 2-3 SAT question set explanations. 

Fee Waiver:

Financial insolvent students can get the Basic program of LSAT Demon for $30 and 7Sage’s monthly program for $40. On the other packages of LSAT Demon, the students can get 20% off. 

However, a student can avail of this opportunity only once and the waiver is for only the first four months.

LSAT Demon Vs 7sage: Which One Should You Choose?

7 Sage will be the right choice for you if you are new to LSAT preparation and want to build a strong foundation for LSAT. Also, if you want a budget-friendly option, this is better for you. 

On the other hand, if you are an intuitive learner and tend to lose interest easily, you may find 7Sages’ approach to be a bit overwhelming. In this case, choose LSAT Demon as it is easygoing. Also, if you like interactive learning sessions, you will like LSAT Demon better. 

Here’s a tip. You can try the trial program of both LSAT Demon and 7Sage. And then see which one goes better with your learning style. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Blueprint Or 7Sage Better?

The Blueprint LSAT course is more comprehensive than 7Sage. The recorded videos of the course also have more qualities than 7Sage. However, in terms of cost, the 7Sage is more budget-friendly. And which program you like better mostly depends on your learning style. 

Are Online LSAT Courses Worth It?

Online LSAT courses are worth it if you are motivated enough. In online courses, you can decide how many months you want to take to prepare. The time is flexible and you will get a vast amount of material in the same place. You can also rewatch the videos as much as you want. 


Here goes my take on LSAT Demon Vs 7sage. I hope this article helped you with making the right choice. No matter which course you choose, if you are persistent enough, you will surely crack the LSAT. 

Now it’s time to say goodbye. Wish you all the best with your preparation.