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Best Online Computer Science Degrees – Reddit Top Choices

In order of the number of positive reviews on Reddit, the best online CS degrees are ranked below. Some of the most insightful reviews have also been quoted.

1. Georgia Institute of Technology

The best I’ve heard of is Georgia Tech’s online Masters in CS. It’s the same degree that the in-person grad students get, and Georgia Tech’s a top CS program. That’s gonna be a tough program without a pretty thorough grounding in programming, though.captainAwesomePants
Georgia Tech if you’re looking to get a masters. I’m currently in my first year of my MS/CS.elgavilan
I’ll second this one – also in my first year and zero complaints so far. And yeah, it’s unbelievably cheap (especially when you consider that you don’t have to buy textbooks, and you can keep your day job).redditnamegoeshere
I attend GT’s OMSCS program. I already had a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering so my programming foundation is not very good. I specialize in machine learning and I can attest to the level of the program; it is very difficult.

Perhaps due to my menial CS background, I spent between 10-20 hours a week studying for one class (only took one per semester because I also work as a full time enginner). It is a great program and the cost is surprisingly substantially lower than physically attending GT, with the perk of receiving the same exact degree.diegonolovich

I will second the OMSCS from GT. I am currently in the program and it is pretty rigorous. I do not have much formal Comp Sci background (BS in EE, self taught programmer/comp sci after undergrad), but I originally started with Johns Hopkins online MS in Comp Sci.

As for GT, the lectures have been very good and fleshed out. It’s clear that they have spent a lot of time making this program what it is today and I applaud them for that, as well as keeping it at a low cost, which makes it more available for many other people out there. The courses do take quite a bit of time and they are a bit more difficult overall than what I experienced at Hopkins. I will say that it is much better for me, since I want to get a solid foundation in CS, and I also have the time to dedicate to the program.emtuls

2. Western Governors’ University

WGU’s new program, you can see their course outline, they’re super affordable. I will be straight up, it’s not nearly as prestigious, or likely rigorous, as the Georgia Tech OMSCS, however, it is not easy to get into Georgia Tech’s OMSCS. Graduates from WGU (in their older IT programs) have gone on to the OMSCS though. I might do so myself!

WGU is cheap, only $3500 per 6 months and if you can study 20+hrs/week it probably won’t be hard to do it in 2 terms if you have past experience or coursework, 3-4 if you have almost none. It is not a bull***t school like for-profits are. It is regionally accredited (the only real kind) multiple times and was started by a coalition of Western state governors.observer2018

Since I dont see it mentioned here, what are everyones thoughts on Western Governors University? I intend to start in the next few monthsA deleted user

3. University of the People

University of the People offers a full accredited Bachelors in C.S. Though I’m not really sure how they rate to be honest. It’s an interesting program they have going.DeletedLastAccount
I’m currently a student here: $100 per class, no add on costs or fees other than that.tcgunner90
If cost is a major consideration, the cheapest option by far is University of the People – despite the somewhat odd name, it is a legit institution. I used to work for them, so I was already familiar with the school. There is no tuition, just an exam processing fee of 100USD per course. So, an entire BS degree is only 4000USD.

I just finished my second term and was satisfied with the quality and especially the interactions with my peers. So far I’ve taken only one CS course (Programming Fundamentals) and felt I got my money’s worth (it is 1/10th the cost of most comparable options). I have finished 4 courses so far and the level of difficulty is right where it should be. I took an online course a few years back from UMass ($1000 vs $100) and there wasn’t huge difference in quality.

I also work full time and have found it challening to keep up with two courses for each term (terms are 9 weeks long) even though I already have a BS and MA from traditional universities.wynand1004

4. Laurier University

Laurier just launched their regular MCS course online: . I’m currently looking to enroll and I would recommend it. It is severely taking away from my Redditing time though…CanadianDevHead

5. Regis University’s Computer Science Program

I’m currently attending Regis University’s Computer Science program. It has been good so far. ABET accredited, fairly straight forward, and the facilitators/professors seem to know their stuff. It’s pricey, but my job’s tuition assistance covers it all.Oddistic
I don’t know if it matters, but Regis University is the only ABET-accredited online CS degree. I don’t know if that makes it good, but that’s something to consider.SixPathsOfWin

6. University of Illinois at Springfield

University of Illinois at Springfield is good. They have BS/BA in CS, also minors. All online.RebeccaBlue
The UIS program has a very small and limited selection of courses, so you need to make sure they offer what you want to study before committing to it.toddspotters

7. Virginia Tech

Would add virginia Tech to that list as well. Personally know several guys I regard as very smart and capable software engineers say their program was solid.CMFETCU

8. Florida State University

Florida State has an online BS in Computer Science degree that is ABET accreditedkairochris