Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair – Reddit Users’ Opinions

Office Chairs sell the word “comfort” which is just about what any gamer needs if they’re going to sit for long hours. However, gaming chairs are specialized chairs designed for the comfort of gamers. These chairs are built to ensure that they would allow to move, rest, and play games without restrictions.

Overall, both office and gaming chairs are designed for comfort and for people who have to sit for long hours. Gaming chairs come with fancy designs while office chairs look more professional. Which one is best?

gaming chair vs office chair reddit

Gaming Chairs vs. Office Chairs – Reddit Users to the Rescue!

Well, Reddit users who have used both options in the past have come up with the right answer. In this article, you will find a review based on the recommendations and comments from these users that will help you make a better buying decision.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are well designed for gamers allowing for easy movement and should boost your responses. They also come with an ergonomic design that will provide support to the back by adapting to the shape of the back to ensure a health-friendly posture. The seat is also designed to be comfy with enough width to allow for easy movement. Another comfty feature to expect is well-padded armrests that will relieve the pressure and strain from your shoulders during long gaming sessions.

Gaming chairs could also come with a tilt mechanism that allows you to align the chair in the right position depending on where you’re sitting.

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Office Chairs

Office chairs are designed to boost comfort and ensure that you maintain the right posture even when sitting for long hours. These chairs come with features like height adjustment and adjustable backrests. These allow you to move the seat higher or lower depending on your height while the backrest can be moved forward or backward to improve your comfort.

The type of material used in making the backrest is important as it determines how comfortable you would be. Some affordable office chairs make use of a mesh which is not the best for long sitting hours.

The contoured backrest on the office chair also ensures lumbar support. This refers to your lower back which is why office chairs are mostly recommended for people with lower back pain as they provide good lower back or lumbar support to minimize strain. Armrests are also present in office chairs. The armrests can be adjustable allowing you to switch the position based on your sitting position.

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Gaming Chair vs. Office Chair – What Reddit Users Think

Reddit Comment #1

Office chairs are designed from professionals to sit in them for hours without ruining your back, gaming chairs are designed just to look fancy. It’s clear in which chair you sit better. – hara1250

Reddit Comment #2

If you’ve ever had the chance to sit in one of those “gaming” chairs and then a proper, ergonomic office chair, you’d immediately see/feel the difference. Practically all of those gaming chairs exist to take money from people who don’t know any better. You’ll get about the same quality as a $50 walmart chair, and end up with around the same back pain.

As someone who suffers from chronic back pain, trust me, you don’t want this. – Chew-Magna

Reddit Comment #3

Why is a gaming chair even a thing in the first place?

An office chair is designed for support and to be comfortably sat in at a desk for long periods of time. Which is exactly what gamers need.

A mock car racing chair with cheap materials, shitty bold colours and a high price tag is just a complete joke. I’ve never understood the appeal of these ‘gaming’ chairs.

about time a video like this was made to finally put these buttfuck ugly shitty chairs to an end – Stuart_Munto

Reddit Comment #4

Ehh you need to be careful with both. An ergonomic chair is what you want. Gaming chairs tend to have poor ergonomics at a given price point. Office chairs are better about that but there are plenty fancy looking executive style chairs that are equally bad.

What’s your budget? – EKJake

Reddit Comment #5

I made the mistake of buying a ‘gaming’ chair for my pc/desk. Totally not worth it and will definitely buy a more expensive office chair next time. – beachcomba

Reddit Comment #6

I’ve used both, and honestly my gaming chair is way better for longevity. Sure it doesn’t feel amazing the second you sit in it, but you can sit in it all day unlike a lot of those office chairs where it starts to be miserable after a couple hours. You also got to buy the right size gaming chair. Those guys are way too big for those chairs, the edges will dig into them.

Having people sit in a chair for a few seconds is a really bad way to test something. It’s like testing a bed. Just because it’s comfy now doesn’t mean your back won’t feel terrible in the morning. – Revolyze

Reddit Comment #7

Gaming chairs are half the price of an office chair, while having more adjustments and are a lot more comfortable when sitting for long periods.

Too bad they look so garish. You can get them just black, but then they’re the same price as an office chair (which they are). – anonymous3850239582

Reddit Comment #8

i have a gaming chair. i like my gaming chair.

it’s spacious allowing me to sit with a foot or both in the chair. It’s comfortable to regulate sitting position with all the space. It’s provides a good rest for the head. I had to remove the headrest pillow and the back pillow to make it good. But i’ve had the chair for years.

The hate for gaming chairs is a meme. Many of them are fair value and offers good enough comfort. – WurstWhip

Bottom Line

Gaming chairs and office chairs both pack very impressive specs to ensure comfort during long sitting hours. If you’re finding it tough to make a pick between both choices, then the Reddit comments from users would point you in the right direction.

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