Xbox Series X vs. PC – Reddit Users’ Opinions

The Xbox Series X is considered one of the most -powerful home consoles to enter the market, however, it is nowhere close to a high-end gaming PC. Still, the Xbox Series X stands out in various areas offering many pros that make it a top choice to go for.

PC gaming also comes with a long list of pros and gamers that want to invest in any of the gaming systems might find themselves stuck when it comes to making a decision.

xbox series x vs pc reddit

Xbox Series X vs. PC – Reddit to the Rescue

The right answer to which one would be best for a gamer can be easily found on Reddit by fellow gamers who have played on the Xbox Series X and gamed on PC.

Rather than having to go through hundreds of gaming threads and subreddits as well as curating the comments of Reddit users, we have brought you the right information including a review of what to expect from the Xbox Series X as well as the PC.

Xbox Series X vs PC: Games

The Xbox Series X offers a couple of games that will are not exclusive to the Xbox and are readily available on PC. This is a big plus for those who think the PC is the better pick as you can get literally every game on the Xbox Series X on the PC. Unlike PS5 which released a strong library of exclusive games which made it quite attractive.

While the PC would take all readily available games the Xbox Series X can handle, it doesn’t come with backward compatibility. The Xbox Series X is backward compatible with all Xbox One games, several Xbox 360, and original Xbox games.

PC owners will be able to make complete use of their Xbox Game Pass subscription and can even download some PC exclusive titles, however, not every Xbox One game on Game Pass will work on PC. In addition, the Xbox Series X controller will be compatible with PC just like the Xbox One controller.

Xbox Series X Vs PC: Price

Talking about the advantages of the Xbox Series X over the PC, there is the price of both gaming systems. Custom-built gaming PCs will cost way more than mass-produced consoles. The Xbox Series X sells for around $500 and while you can build your own gaming PC for that price, you won’t get the same power as the Xbox Series X.

In most cases, the combined cost of creating a PC that would meet the Xbox Series X specs could cost up to $2,000. Overall, the Xbox Series X looks like the better option if you take the outrageous price into consideration.

Xbox Series X Pros & Cons


  • Almost silent operation
  • Backward compatible games
  • Supports 8K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate
  • Quick loading time


  • Cluttered user interface
  • No exclusive games

PC Gaming Pros & Cons


  • Can be upgraded for better gaming performance
  • Impressive visual quality
  • Allows for customization


  • Gaming PCs hardware is expensive
  • Compatibility issues

Xbox Series X vs. PC – What Reddit Users Think

Reddit Comment #1

If you enjoy playing with your friends and they’re going Xbox, I think the answers pretty simple.

Also it doesn’t have to be a one or the other thing. Can always get the Xbox with your fiends, then prioritize upgrades to your pc and upgrade over time. – jayb84

Reddit Comment #2

Xbox Series X for ease of use and convenience, having the option of buying physical games, no hackers ruining multiplayer, split screen/local co-op and you will find that the big developers and publishers will tend to prioritise the consoles over PC.

Also the Series X is more powerful than most gaming PC’s and gaming is always better with friends. – PrinceDizzy

Reddit Comment #3

If you have friends playing on Xbox, i’d get that. if you have friends playing on PC, get that. All my friends are on PC so it was an easy choice for me. Also remember that on PC you have modding, and the games are much cheaper (at the exchange of the initial setup being way more expensive). I love my PC but it’s not for everyone – Instalock_Wraith

Reddit Comment #4

Xbox is better out of these options but I would suggest go for pc and buy ps5 later , best of both worlds, with pc cheap games and later cheap storage space 2 next gen games will be bigger and Xbox addon storage will be costly and u will have to pay for gamepass ultimate anyways cause they will try to shut all their services behind their subscription service this gen I strongly believe. Pc at least is free online and more money for actual life, thank me later – hakunamatata117

Reddit Comment #5

PC is just better in every way. The only reason I game on consoles as well is because I have fewer options and therefore wont jump from game to game. That is just an issue I personally have.

Just look at all the perks of a pc. It is versatile. Want to play games from 20 years ago? You can with ease! Older console games? You have emulators. Do you want to play with a ps2 controller? Just get an adapter! Want to play online? Just jump on the internet, no extra fee required. Do you want to play with 60+ fps? Well every game support it! – KittyVonMeowinstein

Reddit Comment #6

Xbox X will probably be 500+ dollars. And can only run games and Xbox apps. Your PC can do much, much more. And looks better. And is upgradeable – zKDotes

Bottom Line

If you’re willing to spend more on a gaming system, then you could build yourself a high-end gaming PC and get all the impressive features the Xbox Series X has to offer and more. However, the Xbox Series X is the most economical option to go for, especially if you want to access the backward compatibility feature.